BasicMega Controller

The BasicMega project is a PC board designed to be
flexible in it's uses. It is built around the ATMega328
microcontroller. It has been specifically designed
to fit either the Hammond 1592ETCD (Hand Held) or
1599KTS (Sloped Console) style enclosures.
The layout of the board allows the USB and Power
connectors to be mounted on either the top or the
bottom side of the board, depending on the enclosure.

The board accepts either a 16x2 or 16x4 LCD and has
bolt patterns for mounting either in the 1592ETCD

It incorporates a Prolific USB port for easy PC
interfacing. JST XH2.54 connectors provide basic
I/O and A2D access. Ample trace spacing allows
for simple troubleshooting and modifications.